There's no tradition as closely linked to marriage as the princess dress. That fairytale vision includes your castle, prince and of course, the horse and carriage.

But more and more weddings are breaking away from this mould. People no longer feel the need to tick all of their parents' boxes and do things the traditional way. We're not talking about going as far as Don't Tell The Bride, (the underwater wedding- really..?), but we are loving the fresh flood of ideas and bridal hacks from contemporary blogs. Personalised weddings are starting to stand out from the sea of baby and marriage photos on your Facebook feed- it's those that really feel special and tailored to the couple.

It goes without saying that this personal touch makes a huge difference to your dress. No matter how long you've been married to that vision of the tight bustier and beautifully rounded skirt- if we're fighting to contain your ample assets or giving you 10 inch heels to counter the drowning effect of all of that material- you should be open to trying on other styles.

There are an array of beautiful shilouettes to choose from, or there's the option of making small changes to an existing gown, that will mean you really own that dress. Kiss those curves rather than fighting them- beauty no longer has to mean pain, and the traditional princess dress is now giving way to an exquisite collection of real-life princesses- each with their own story to tell.

We've pulled together our top five tips- just remember, every lady's silhouette is unique. With your day to day wardrobe you don't always have the option of changing the cut- but with your wedding dress, and POLKA's prices(!), you do!


Try a dress with larger straps and delicate detail to balance the silhouette

Polka Bridal Wider Strap


Strapless dresses can break up your silhouette and add an understated flirty touch


To balance out a bottom heavy silhouette, try a modern twist on the A-line


Delicate lines and a slender V neck is extremely flattering on more petite and shorter frames


Flatter and frame those beautiful curves with delicate lace detail on longer sleeves

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