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O C C A S I O N   W E A R

Polka Bridal apply their dressmaking expertise to all females within your bridal party- browse our exquisite collection of bridesmaide dresses, flowergirl frocks and mother-of-the-bride outfits.  Scroll down to also see our promwear.


B R I D E S M A I D S   D R E S S E S

Polka Bridesmaid 9- July 12 13.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 13- Nov 22 10.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 14- Oct 11 10.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 12- June 18 11.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 11- Jan 16 13.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 10- Feb 10 13.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 7- Aug 23rd 13.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 6- Dec 23 13.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 5 March 31 14.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 3 June 27 14.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 2 Nov 7th.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 1 Feb 2nd.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 17- Sept 15.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 16- Sept 15.jpg
Polka Bridesmaid 15- Sept 15.jpg

F L O W E R G I R L   F R O C K S

Polka Flower Girl 4- Catwalk Essex 14.jpg
Polka Flower Girl 5- June 14 11.jpg
Polka Flower Girl 6- March 24th 15.jpg
Polka Flower Girl 3- Oct 11th.jpg
Polka Flower Girl 2 Leigh's- Nov 3rd.jpg
Polka Flower Girl 1b Leigh's- Nov 7th.jpg

M O T H E R - O F - T H E - B R I D E S

MOB 1- Jan 24th.jpg
MOB 3- Oct 11th.jpg
MOB 2- Nov 9th.jpg
MOB 4- Oct 11th.jpg
MOB 5- Oct 11th.jpg
MOB 10- Oct 3rd 14.jpg
MOB 9- Oct 1st 13.jpg
MOB 8- Aug 23rd 13.jpg
MOB 7- Feb 23rd 13.jpg
MOB 6- Sept 18th.jpg
MOB 11- Sept 25 15.jpg


Oliliva Scot July 5th 14.jpg
Onique Yasmin Rebeugeot Prom Dress 15 July 15.jpg
Rhiannon Prom Dress 21 July 15.jpg
Karis Clifton Prom Dress 28 June 15.jpg
Grace Prom Dress June 28 15.jpg
Georgia Dress 21 July 15.jpg
Francesca June 28 2015.jpg
Ellie Noble Dress 4 July 15.jpg
Ellie Noble Dress 2 4 July 15.jpg
Bethan Prom Dress 11 July 15.jpg
Annie Horner July 4th 14.jpg
Amelia Hinds Dress 4 July 15.jpg
Alix Spraggon July 18th 14.jpg